The more fit and energetic you are during pregnancy, the more amazing will be everything about your health and your baby's health. Read how to achieve it and get fit.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020


Fitness during pregnancy is something many women overlook owing to the fear that something done incorrectly may affect the baby. While this is a genuine concern, when followed according to pregnancy fitness guidelines, exercises can be beneficial not only to your pregnant body but also to your physical health post delivery. Being fit throughout pregnancy can combat backaches, will prevent from gaining too much of pregnancy weight and is important for easy labor and delivery.

Before you begin on a fitness regime during pregnancy, consult with your healthcare provider about any specific movement or exercise that you must avoid during pregnancy. Every woman is different and owing to the pregnancy complications each one might have, it is safe to consider what works best for you rather than going by what’s popular among the crowd.

We give you helpful guidelines on common pregnancy exercises like pelvic floor exercises and beneficial yoga postures during pregnancy. We also detail on safety tips for swimming, aerobics, walking, cycling and other fitness related activities during pregnancy.