Yoga in Pregnancy

Yoga in pregnancy has been known to improve pregnancy health and relieve pregnancy discomforts. Read more about the benefits of prenatal yoga and if it is right for you.

Last Updated: 22 October 2020

Yoga in Pregnancy
Yoga in Pregnancy

A myriad of physical and emotional changes happen during pregnancy and there’s a lot a pregnant woman deals with than one can imagine. If you are going through the phase of pregnancy in your life, you might want to explore prenatal yoga.

What is prenatal yoga?

Yoga is a form of fitness and wellness activity which involves regulation of breathing, body positions or movements called, postures, and relaxation practices to calm the mind. But how is prenatal yoga different from regular yoga?

In a prenatal yoga class, you will practice postures that are suitable for a pregnant woman’s body and health. You may use props to support the growing weight of your pregnant body. Yoga in pregnancy is more about gentle stretching of the body than flexing the muscles to the maximum attainment.

What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

Practicing yoga in pregnancy is beneficial to your overall pregnancy health and as well for easy labor and childbirth. Here are the most common benefits of prenatal yoga:

Helps reduce pregnancy stress and anxiety: It is natural to feel anxious about your growing baby’s development and the impending labor. One of the best benefits of pregnancy yoga is reducing stress and anxiety. Since breathing is closely related to the brain and the mind, breathing techniques practiced in prenatal yoga can greatly help you to stay calm and relaxed.

Helps prepare for labor and birth: Pregnancy yoga tones your muscles and ligaments of your lower body in preparation for labor. Women who practice yoga in pregnancy need no or lesser doses of pain relief during labor.

Improves sleep: An important side effect of reduced stress and anxiety during pregnancy is improved sleep. The stretching of muscles during yoga postures enhances the quality of sleep in pregnancy.

Reduces the symptoms of pregnancy discomforts: Prenatal yoga has proven to reduce discomforts during pregnancy such as lower back pain, nausea and constipation.

How can one learn prenatal yoga?

Irrespective of whether you have learnt yoga before pregnancy or not, it is highly recommended that you learn prenatal yoga anew from a yoga trainer who is specifically an expert in pregnancy yoga. Most often, pregnant women join prenatal yoga classes that are offered by their hospital or those that are offered in their local areas. Make sure to consult your OB before deciding to join a prenatal yoga class.

Is yoga in pregnancy safe?

While pregnancy yoga is commonly considered safe, there are conditions and limitations to it.  Yoga in pregnancy is not recommended if you have the following health conditions:

·         If you carry a risk for premature labor

·         If you have blood pressure complications during pregnancy

Certain yoga postures and types are not safe during pregnancy, including:

·         Postures that involve lying on the back or abdomen

·         Postures in which you carry the risk of tipping off your balance or falling down


·         Hot yoga which requires heating the room to high temperatures 

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