New Mom


When you ask a new mom on how she feels seeing her new little one, you will hear saying Blessed, excited and thrilled. And certainly its true. She will almost forget all the labor pain she has undergone and will be thinking on how she is going to handle the God sent little bundle of joy. Here we are discussing the mind of a new mom and the challenges she faces.

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New Mom
New Mom
Beginning of a new journey

Becoming a mom is a huge step in the long journey of your life. You will feel excited and become more responsible. You will feel happy that you have delivered your baby safely in the world and your whole life transforms and your child becomes the world for you. You completely get evolved into a new person with lots of love and care for your child.

Postpartum changes

A new mom has postpartum stress for the initial few weeks. Due to the change in the levels of hormones, she will have constipation and postpartum cramps. If you had a C-section, a little more time is required for the healing process. You will slowly start to ignore the pains and look forward to caring for your child. You must ensure your wellbeing and take good care of yourself.

Psychological changes

As your child gets the topmost priority, you will feel whether you are neglected and your importance is shading. The fact is your child needs that sorts of attention and the world is expecting to see you as a matured and responsible mother. The love they had in you is relocated infinite times to your child. It will take time for you to understand and appreciate the fact and adjust.


Handling the baby for the initial few months is difficult and challenging. A new mom gets solid support from her mother, partner and her family to cope up the changes. She will learn all the nuances from her mother in handling, feeding and bathing her baby. She will realize that she is gifted to have people to support and decides to provide utmost care to her baby, just like how she receives it.


Initially you will be clueless on how to handle and hold your baby and feed her. You will receive tons of advice from healthcare providers and your friends on how to hold your baby and feed. You will be afraid and perplexed which position works better for you. After some trial and error, you will realize which method works for you. And you will undoubtedly master in feeding your baby in a week or so. You will start enjoying the nursing sessions and feel content and happy that you are able to feed your child.

As day’s pass, when your child has long stretches of sleep, you will feel she will be hungry and start waking her up and feeding. Well, this is the significant sign that you have stepped into motherhood.

Diaper change

For the first few months, you feel that this is the job that you are doing the whole day- Diaper change. Do remember that it is a sign that your newborn had good feed from you.

Sleepless nights

You will get ready for lots of sleepless nights. You will be in your deep sleep and suddenly your child cries and wakes up with fresh ideas. Half asleep, you will feed and wait for the next round of sleep. It is quite natural to lose patience, physically exhausted and emotionally drained and do remember that for your child “day is night and night is day”.

Crying baby

It is a challenging job to console a crying newborn. You will have no reason for the cry and will be tensed about what to do. You will feed and try all the techniques you know.

A new mom- Must to do

·         Do not forget to give your baby colostrum- your first breast milk that is loaded with loads of nutrients.

·         Dress your newborn properly

·         Always sleep close to your baby. This will strengthen the bond and makes feeding easier.

·         Take short naps (remember you can only sleep when your baby sleeps).

·         Check for the bowel movements.

·         Remember the schedule of Vaccinations.


Always go with your heart. It’s no doubt that motherhood is full of emotions, surprises, wonders and sacrifices. 


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