Baby Health Myths

During parenting, a new mother will receive bundles of advice from friends and family members. Most of the advice would be contradictory and she will certainly be confused on what to follow. Most of the baby health advice will be myths. Here we have compiled some common baby health myths. Have a look to know which one you have heard is really true and scientifically valid.

Last Updated: 23 October 2020

Baby Health Myths
Baby Health Myths
Baby Health Myths

It is necessary to know which advice is meaningful and scientifically proven so that it can be followed for the wellbeing of your little one.

Teething causes fever- No

Most moms have a belief that teething causes fever. However it does not seem true. Teething starts during the period of six to twenty four months and it is the same period that babies are more prone to develop infections. The illness during the teething period should not be overlooked and if necessary, a doctor consultation is necessary.

Fever and bathing- Yes

It is said that when your baby has a fever, you should not bath your baby. That is not true. During fever, bathing your baby with lukewarm to warm water helps in reducing the body temperature. It is important to dry with a towel immediately. Showering your baby again and again should be avoided. Instead, you can wipe your baby’s body with a lukewarm wet towel.

Do oil massages work? Yes

 Oil messages are one of the oldest practices and it really has health benefits. It helps in improving the blood circulation, strengthens baby’s bones and improves flexibility. It is a good practice to massage your baby with baby massage oil before taking a bath. A body massage followed by a warm bath will give a sound sleep to your baby.   

Your baby must poop everyday-No

Some days your baby might not poop. That is completely normal and no need to worry. That is not a sign of constipation. Similarly soft poo is not a sign of stomach irritation. Most breastfed babies have a soft poo. If you notice the condition to happen repeatedly, consult your doctor.

Picking up a crying baby spoils her- No

No. This is not true. Crying is an important mode of communication for babies. They are trying to let you know that they have some discomfort. Picking up your baby not only soothes her, but increases your emotional bond with your child. Sometimes not picking your child while she cries might leave a subconscious emotional scar on their minds.

Walker and walking- No

It is believed that a walker makes your baby to learn and walk fast. But that is false. Babies tend to walk once their muscles are strengthened and it is a natural process. Walkers are in no way is going to help and sometimes it slows your baby’s ability to walk on their own. It causes injuries as your baby might not be able to see their legs.

Babies need water- No

Till six months of age, your babies may not need water to stay hydrated. Fluids that they require are naturally available from breast milk or formula. Moreover their kidneys are not fully developed to excrete water. If necessary, your doctor might suggest an oral rehydration solution.

Adult medicines in small doses are safe for children- No

Adult medicines are harmful for children. As long as the child is active, no medicines are needed. Even cough medicines that are designed for children are not recommended for children under the age of four. Antibiotics and antihistamines can sometimes lead to rash, diarrhea, and cause an upset stomach in children. Also use herbal remedies with caution.  

 Breast milk to treat ear infections-No

It is well known that breast milk has a lot of immune benefits to your baby. But it is a wrong belief that small amounts of breast milk can cure ear infections. But the fact is your breast milk won’t reach the infectious part of the ear and sugars in breast milk help attract more bacteria causing new infections. American Academy of Pediatrics identified that 80% of ear infections resolves on its own without the need of any antibiotics.

Sugars and hyperactivity- No

There is no direct link that artificial colors and sugars cause Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a behavioral disorder. However foods with added sugars are not recommended for kids under age two.

Fever needs treatment-Not all

Fever is a sign that your baby’s body is fighting against infection. Not all fevers require treatment. Only fever with a temperature of 108 degrees and above can cause brain damage that requires immediate medical attention. However such kind of fever is rare. One exception is if you notice a fever with a temperature of 100.4 degrees in infants who are less than 3 months of age seek medical advice immediately.

Psychiatric disorders require treatment- Yes

Children who have depression, anxiety, ADHD requires medical interventions. It is a false belief that they “grow out” of such disorders. Early diagnosis and treatment has a positive outcome.

Do vaccines cause autism- No

Vaccines do not cause autism. All devastating diseases are treated with vaccines. Vaccination is one of the safeest and proven medical interventions. Vaccinate your child as per the schedule.

Be careful by the advice you receive during parenting. Always consult your doctor for better understanding of any of the health issues.

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