Preparing for Pregnancy: Tips And Advice To Prepare Your Mind And Body For Pregnancy


Preparing for Pregnancy: Are you planning to get pregnant? Get the essential tips on Preparing for Pregnancy, make your mind and body stable before the baby's arrival. Remember your baby's health begins even before you are pregnant, thus, it is necessary to follow certain instructions and make changes in the routine to ensure better growth of the baby and the mother's health. Know what to eat and how to be fit as you prepare for pregnancy by glancing at the content given below.

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2021 06:52 GMT

Preparing for Pregnancy: Tips And Advice To Prepare Your Mind And Body For Pregnancy

Studies show that women who followed the guidelines for healthy nutrition and lifestyle showed more percentage of conception than those who did not. That is why, it is important for both you and your partner to follow a healthy lifestyle months before you plan to conceive. The mandatory to-dos to follow while preparing for pregnancy are:

  • the woman must consume a minimum of 400 micrograms per day of folic acid supplements
  • alcohol consumption must be avoided by both the would-be mother and father 
  • smoking must be quit
  • five or more portions of fruits and vegetables must be consumed every day
  • body weight within the optimal range for the height, gender and age group of the mother and father must be maintained and
  • a regular exercise regime must be followed while taking care not to overdo. Strenuous physical activity can sometimes have adverse effects on conception.

It is also important to consider opting out of birth control a few months prior to trying to conceive. It may take a few cycles after you go off your birth control pills or hormones, or remove contraceptive devices, before you get pregnant. So, if you opt out of your birth control methods now, it may well take another two or three months for your body to adapt back to its fertile state. It is also not uncommon for couples to get pregnant soon after they remove birth controls. So, be prepared for either way.

There is more to understand while you prepare for pregnancy. Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge with the help of books and pre-pregnancy apps a list of which you can find in our articles.