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Either an Irish form of the Old Norse name HUGLEIKR, or else a diminutive of UILLIAM.
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VARIANTS: Liam, UlickOTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Wilhelm, Willahelm (Ancient Germanic), Hugleikr (Ancient Scandinavian), Gwilherm (Breton), Guillem (Catalan), Vilim, Vilko (Croatian), Vilém (Czech), Vilhelm (Danish), Wilhelmus, Willem, Jelle, Pim, Wil, Willy, Wim (Dutch), William, Bill, Billie, Billy, Liam, Wil, Will, Willie, Willy (English), Vilhelmo, Vil?jo (Esperanto), Villem (Estonian), Vilhelm, Viljami, Jami, Vilhelmi, Vilho, Vili, Viljo, Ville (Finnish), Guillaume (French), Wilhelm, Willi, Willy, Wim (German), Vilmos, Vili (Hungarian), Vilhjálmur (Icelandic), Guglielmo (Italian), Vilhelms, Vilis (Latvian), Wöllem, Wullem, Wum (Limburgish), Vilhelmas (Lithuanian), Illiam (Manx), Wiremu (Maori), Wilkin, Wilky, Wilmot (Medieval English), Vilhelm (Norwegian), Wilhelm (Polish), Guilherme (Portuguese), Uilleam (Scottish), Viliam (Slovak), Viljem, Vili, Vilko (Slovene), Guillermo (Spanish), Vilhelm, Ville (Swedish), Gwilym, Gwil, Gwilim, Gwillym (Welsh)