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Does Timothea Baby Name seem like an intriguing name for your baby? Learn Timothea Name Meaning in English, its origin and which gender Timothea Baby Name is most suitable for. Check through our list of names that are related to the name Timothea, names similar to Timothea and sibling names of Timothea. Also, read through a detailed numerology report for the name Timothea.
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Boy, Girl
One who honors God
Related Timothea Baby Names
Timothy, Tamatha, Tamitha, Tammatha, Tametha, Tamathia, Tamathy, Tammetha, Timora, Timoteo, Timotheus
Similar Timothea Baby Names
Tayanita, Tedmond, Tedmund, Thant, Theomund, Tienette, Timoteo, Timothy, Toinette, Tooantuh::Timmothy, Timothy, Timothyy, Dyumat, Tamitha, Temidayo, Timothhy
Sibling Names
Logan, Owen, Noah, William, Mason, Ethan, Jackson, Hunter, Luke, Austin, Caleb, Dylan, Emma, Olivia, Savannah, Abigail, Hannah, Emily, Faith, Amelia, Avery, Ava, Lily, Taylor
Timothea originates in Greek language and means "respecting God". It is a feminine form of Timothy. Timothy is an Anglicized form of the Old Greek name 'Timotheos' or the Latin name 'Timotheus', which mean 'honoring God or honored by God'. The name is derived from the words 'time', which means 'honor', and 'theos', which means 'God'.::Ruling PlanetSun Positive NatureProgressive and well focussed on goals Negative TraitsAlways the ‘I’ factor and never ‘Us, comes into their minds Lucky ColoursGold, Orange, Saffron, Yellow Lucky DaysSunday and Monday Lucky StonesRuby, Yellow Topaz, Sapphire Harmony Numbers1, 2, 4 7 Problematic Numbers8 Best Suited ProfessionsScientists, Head of Departments in Universities Health IssuesBlood circulation and Eye Sight Problems What people would generally like about you?Self starter and great leader What people would generally dislike about you?Stubborn and will boast a lot::Timothea as a girl's name is of Greek origin meaning "God's honor". It is an uncommon feminine form of Timothy.
The name Timothea has a numerology value of 4 In numerological terms, this means the following CreationThe act of producing or causing to exist; the act of creating; engendering.The fact of being created.Something that is or has been created.The Creation, the original bringing into existence of the universe by God.::1:: Numerology SoulUrge Number: 3 People with this name have a deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing. They also yearn to have beauty around them in their home and work environment. Expression Number: 1 People with this name tend to initiate events, to be leaders rather than followers, with powerful personalities. They tend to be focused on specific goals, experience a wealth of creative new ideas, and have the ability to implement these ideas with efficiency and determination. They tend to be courageous and sometimes