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Does Nina Baby Name seem like an intriguing name for your baby? Learn Nina Name Meaning in English, its origin and which gender Nina Baby Name is most suitable for. Check through our list of names that are related to the name Nina, names similar to Nina and sibling names of Nina. Also, read through a detailed numerology report for the name Nina.
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Boy, Girl, Unisex
Hebrew, Native American, Spanish
Derived from Hebrew, meaning God was gracious and has shown favour. May also come from the Spanish 'nina' meaning little girl.
Related Nina Baby Names
Hazel, Reese, Edie, Mila, Finley, Landry, Violet, Sadie, Genevieve::Aba, Abba, Abena, Abha, Abia, Abina, Abiona, Abira, Abra, Absa
Similar Nina Baby Names
Naamah, Naaman, Naeem, Nahum, Naia, Naiia, Naimah, Naina, Nama, Nami::Ninad, Neena, Nain, Neana, Nayan, Nain, Naina, Nan, Nayana, Nyna
Sibling Names
Calvin, Isobel, Liam, Leona, Donna, Leanne, Anya, Nicola, Penelope, Natalie, Leah, Suzanne, Lola, Zofia, Nell, Eva, Lana, Amelia, Melody::Nina, Lola, Evie, Gwen
Middle Names
Jessica, Imogen, Isabella, Estelle, Youssef, Isla::Rose, Marie, Elizabeth, Claire, Isabella, Nicole, Sofia, Victoria, Sophia, Sueann
Ruling PlanetMoon Positive NatureGreat Public Speaker who can impress crowds Negative TraitsTend to sink into Depression if not cared for Lucky ColoursWhite, green, cream and lavender Lucky DaysSunday and Monday Lucky StonesWhite Pearl Harmony Numbers1, 2, 4 7 Problematic Numbers8 Best Suited ProfessionsA gym trainer, motivational trainer Health IssuesBreathing problems like asthma What people would generally like about you?Can understand people’s minds while talking What people would generally dislike about you?Pessimistic and gets depressed fast::Consider this sweet name for your sweet baby girl. It is a favorite nickname in Spain and Russia but also refers to a Babylonian goddess of fertility. Its got an elegant simplicity and an easily pronounceable two syllables. Nina Garcia gained fame as a judge on Project Runway, while Natalie Portman gave an Oscar-winning performance as ballerina Nina Sayers in Black Swan.
The name Nina has a numerology value of 3 In numerological terms, this means the following CommunicationThe act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated.The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.Something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted.InteractionReciprocal action, effect, or influence.::2:: Numerology SoulUrge Number: 1 People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details. Expression Number: 2 People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. They are trustworthy, respecting the confidences of others, and make excellent diplomats, mediators and partners. They are often very intuitive. They like detai