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Does Janine Baby Name seem like an intriguing name for your baby? Learn Janine Name Meaning in English, its origin and which gender Janine Baby Name is most suitable for. Check through our list of names that are related to the name Janine, names similar to Janine and sibling names of Janine. Also, read through a detailed numerology report for the name Janine.
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Boy, Girl, Unisex
British, French, Hebrew
Variant of JEANNINE. It has only been in use since the 20th century.
Related Janine Baby Names
Jonan, Janan, Jinan, Genuine, Jonen, Jaynen, Jenan, Jonon, Giannino, Jaynan, Janaan, Junon::VARIANTS: Jeanette, Jeanine, Jeannette, Jeannine (French), Janene, Jeanine, Jeannine, Jannine (English), Jeanine (Dutch)MASCULINE FORMS: Jean, Yann, Yoan, Yoann (French), Evan, Ian, Ivan, John, Jon, Sean, Shane, Shaun, Shawn, Shayne (English), Jan, Johan, Johannes (Dutch), Jan, Johann, Johannes (German)OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Lashawn (African American), Jone (Basque), Joanna (Biblical), Ioanna (Biblical Greek), Iohanna (Biblical Latin), Ioana, Ivana, Yana, Yanka, Yoana (Bulgarian), Joana (Catalan), Ghjuvanna (Corsican), Ivana (Croatian), Ivana, Jana, Johana (Czech), Johanna, Johanne, Jeanette (Danish), Johanna (Estonian), Janika, Janina, Johanna, Jenna, Jenni, Jenny (Finnish), Xoana (Galician), Gianna, Ioanna, Yanna (Greek), Johanna, Zsanett (Hungarian), Jóhanna, Jóna, Jenný (Icelandic), Chevonne, Shavonne, Shevaun, Shevon, Síne, Siobhán, Sinéad (Irish), Giovanna (Italian), Johanna (Late Roman), Janina (Lithuanian), Ivana, Jovana (Macedonian), Jehanne, Johanne (Medieval French), Johanna, Johanne, Jeanette (Norwegian), Janina, Joanna (Polish), Joana (Portuguese), Ioana (Romanian), Yana, Zhanna, Zhannochka (Russian), Giuanna (Sardinian), Jean, Sheena, Sìne, Jessie, Sìneag, Teasag (Scottish), Ivana, Jovana (Serbian), Ivana, Jana (Slovak), Ivana, Jana (Slovene), Juana, Jenny (Spanish), Janina, Janna, Johanna, Jeanette, Jennie, Jenny (Swedish), Ivanna, Yana (Ukrainian), Shan, Siân, Siana, Siani, Sioned (Welsh)USER SUBMISSION: Jan?ne::Aarone, Adine, Aine, Alaine, Aline, Amandine, Anice, Anne, Annice, Annie
Similar Janine Baby Names
Jacan, Jackson, Jaen, Jaena, Jagmohan, Jaime, Jaimee, Jaimi, Jaimie, Jaimy::Aynan, Ananya, Aanan, Anina, Jeaninne, Anan, Anona, Winnona, Janani
Sibling Names
Beatriz, Stefani, Philip::Lori, Vivienne, Caroline, Kelsey::Cailtin, Lucy, Caleb, David, Stephanie, Aleysha, Christopher, Ashleigh, Janine
Middle Names
Danica, Heidi, Abi, Anna, Isabel::Chineye, Faye, Marian, Nneoma, Rose, Samantha
Ruling PlanetSaturn Positive NatureLoves to take up challenging situations Negative TraitsCan fall into addictions and bad in keeping relationships Lucky ColoursBlue and Grey Lucky DaysWednesday and Friday Lucky StonesBlue Sapphire Harmony Numbers1, 5, 6, 3 Problematic Numbers8, 4 Health IssuesDigestion related issues Best Suited ProfessionsPrecious stone and jewellery merchants What people would generally like about you?Determined and does not run away from challenges What people would generally dislike about you?When tensed, this can lead to health problems::Janine as a girl's name is of English origin and a simplified form of Jeannine meaning "God is gracious".
The name Janine has a numerology value of 9 In numerological terms, this means the following HumanitarianHaving concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.Of or pertaining to ethical or theological humanitarianism.Pertaining to the saving of human lives or to the alleviation of suffering: a humanitarian crisis.TranscendentGoing beyond ordinary limits; surpassing; exceeding.Superior or supreme.::8:: Numerology SoulUrge Number: 6 People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. Expression Number: 8 People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect t