Indian Names: Most Popular Indian Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meaning And Origin

Indian Names: Get the best Indian Baby Names for your babies and name your babies meaningfully in a traditional manner, check out the list of Indian Names with meaning and origin for your kids, Naming the babies is the most significant task for the parents, give an in depth glance at the list of Indian Names with meaning, and name your babies without complexity.

Top Indian Names with Gender and Meaning - Unique Indian Names

Name Gender Meaning
Boy, Girl From a Sanskrit word referring to a type of thrush (species Turdus salica) or myna bird (species Gracula religiosa).
Boy a type of thrush
Girl Charming, Fascinating
Boy, Girl River
Girl Creative
Girl A daughter of Vrsaparvan
Boy Name of Lord Vishnu
Boy, Unisex Lotus, Born in lakes
Girl Lotus
Boy Lord Brahma, Lotus-like
Boy Protector of All, Lord Krishna
Boy, Girl Master of all or God or king or Lord of all, Emperor, Lord Shiva
Boy Lord of all, A name of Lord Shiva
Girl River Sharayu
Boy, Girl, Unisex Variant transcription of SHASHI.
Boy Hundred years old (Brother of amavasu and vivasu)
Girl Magical dancer
Boy Lord of hundreds, Ruler of hundreds, Happiness
Boy A son of Vatsa
Boy One who can see the truth
Boy One who conquers the truth, Victory of truth
Boy Believer in truth
Boy Statue of truth
Boy Always truthful' href='Girl-Names-for-Meaning-truthful.aspx'>truthful, Lord Rama, Speaker of truth
Boy One who speaks truth
Girl Mother of Vyasa
Boy Lord of truth
Boy One who has taken vow of truth
Boy Lord of truth (Satyam)
Boy, Girl Mild
Boy A great sage and teacher, Wise
Boy Fragrance
Boy Divine, Celestial, Beautiful
Girl Daughter of the Ocean
Girl Sun god
Girl Sun
Boy The Sun
Boy, Girl A form of the Devi, 4th Sakti
Girl Limit, border
Boy Victory over army
Girl Serpent who symbolizes time
Girl White rose
Girl Beloved
Boy, Girl, Unisex Pride, Peaceful
Girl river
Boy King of mountains, Himalaya
Boy God of mountain, Himalaya
Girl Style
Girl beautiful
Girl beautiful
Boy Blue Jay
Girl river
Girl modest
Girl modest
Girl modest
Boy, Unisex Modest
Boy, Girl Courteous
Girl Modesty
Girl Peace maker
Girl Peaceful
Boy Lord Shiva, Causing happiness, Conferring good fortune, Auspicious, An epithet of Shiva, Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy shankarach
Girl Peace, Name of a God
Girl stone
Boy, Girl Peaceful Lord
Girl, Unisex peaceful
Girl Enchanted
Girl stone
Girl thank you
Girl Peace, Name of a God
Boy Autumn
Girl Goddess of learning, Saraswati
Girl Moon shine
Girl Name of a river
Boy Lion, A tiger
Girl Earth::Meaning of the name Sharini
Girl Modest
Girl Yayathi's wife
Girl Wife of Yayati
Boy Moon
Boy, Girl The Moon
Boy Moon
Boy, Girl, Unisex The Moon, An Apsara or celestial Goddess
Girl Moon's brightness
Boy Moon stone
Boy Moon ray
Boy A name of Lord Rama eternal
Boy Permanent
Girl Sea god's daughter
Boy Century
Girl Brahma's wife
Boy One who overcomes enemies
Girl Saraswathi
Girl Blind
Boy, Girl, Unisex Having peace, Cool, Gentle, The wind, The Moon
Girl Cooling
Girl Orchid::Meaning of the name Shefali
Boy, Girl Mountain, Rocky
Girl Flame
Boy Mountain peak, Peak, Ultimate
Boy, Girl Stone
Girl Name of a river
Boy A flower, Rain tree
Boy Name of a season, Cold, Frost, Winter
Girl Sutlej river
Boy, Girl Lord Shiva, Auspicious, Lucky, Always pure, All encompassing, Lovely, Welfare, Water, Saving, Beloved, Divine, Joy welfare, The third God of the Hindu
Girl Shiva's beloved
Girl Gracious woman
Boy Mark of Lord Shiva
Girl Goddess Parvati
Girl Attractive
Girl Ornamental, Shining
Boy Valiant, Bold, A name of Lord Hanuman, Mighty, Brave, Lion, Tiger
Girl Faith, Trust
Boy Credit, Marvelous
Girl Radha
Boy The best, Ultimate, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Foremost, First, Perfection, Best of all
Boy, Girl Auspicious
Boy, Girl, Unisex Goddess Lakshmi, Auspicious, Luster, Prosperity, Pratham, Shrestha, Beauty, Grace, Power, Brilliance, Dignity power, Another name for Saraswati, Sacre
Girl Faith, trust
Girl Creative
Girl Fortune
Boy Revered, Lord Hanuman
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Fame giver and Lucky, Wealthy
Boy, Girl Expert in Vedas
Girl, Unisex Fortunate, Brilliant, Attractive, Auspicious, Wealthy
Girl Goddess
Girl, Unisex White, The Ganga, Attractive, Brilliant, Heaven, Another name for the river Ganges
Boy Pearl
Boy Easy to get, Natural
Boy Fair complexioned
Boy Having a white mark
Boy, Girl Dark blue, Black, A name of Lord Krishna
Girl Shyama
Girl Princess
Boy, Unisex Dusky
Girl Graceful woman
Boy, Girl A variant of the name Sheila derived from the name Cecelia, which means 'blind'.
Boy, Girl Loyal to God, Strong
Boy Silver flame
Girl Goddess Parvati
Boy Name of Lord Shiva, Good Deva
Boy Lord Shiva, Perfected deity, Epithet of Shiva
Girl Goddess Lakshmi
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Mahadev (Lord Shiva)
Girl Accomplished
Girl Blessed
Boy Principle, Lord Krishna
Boy, Girl One who has accomplished goal, Successful, A name of Lord Buddha, Achieved all wishes
Boy Lord of the blessed
Boy Lord Shiva, Siddha - accomplished, Perfected, Fulfilled, Gained, Successful, Sacred, Holy, Divine, Eminent, Shining + Ishwar - Lord
Boy, Girl Achievement
Girl Goddess Lakshmi
Girl Accomplished
Boy Lord Shiva::Meaning of the name Siddid
Boy Victorious, Sikander is also the Persian and hindustani version of the name alexander, After alexander the great
Girl Sand
Girl Pond
Girl Obedient
Boy, Girl Simran is a Sanskrit word meaning 'realisation of that which is of the highest aspect and purpose in one's life'.
Girl Remembered::Meaning of the name Simrit
Boy, Girl Name of a river::Meaning of the name Sindhu
Boy, Girl Lion
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Lord Shiva, Epithet of Shiva, Going like a lion
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Lord Shiva
Girl Sound of an anklet
Girl Ashoka tree
Girl Sacred:: 
Boy Lord Rama, Beloved of Sita
Boy The Moon
Boy, Girl Morning star
Girl Rama's wife
Girl Devoted to Shiva
Boy Lord Shiva
Girl Smile
Boy, Girl Recollection
Girl, Unisex Love
Boy, Girl, Unisex Friendly
Girl Affectionate::Affectionate
Boy, Girl Smooth, Tender
Boy Moon glow, Moonlight, Handsome
Girl Moon glow
Boy Smart, Good looking, Handsome
Boy Beautiful
Girl Beautiful
Boy Lord Shiva
Boy, Girl sun
Boy, Girl A kind of berry
Boy Lord of the Moon
Girl Lusture of the moon
Boy Moons Love, Loved by the Moon
Boy Half Moon
Boy Moonbeam
Boy Lord Shiva
Boy Lord Vishnu, Ocean of Soma, Epithet of Vishnu, Soma - name of An Apsara, Heaven, Sky, As famous as the Moon
Girl Excelling the moon
Boy Indra
Boy The Moon
Boy Lord Shiva, Sa + Uma - with Uma) Moon crested, Epithet of Shiva
Boy Moon light
Boy God name, Lord Shiva
Boy Moon light
Boy, Girl Gold
Girl Goddess Parvathi::Meaning of the name Sonakshi
Boy, Girl Golden
Boy, Girl Golden
Girl Clean water
Girl Golden
Boy Person with good intentions
Boy Stairs
Boy, Girl Singing Bird Soars::Meaning of the name Sora
Girl Sacred river
Girl Well being
Boy Moons light
Boy Love to Meet different persons, A friend
Boy Fragrance
Girl Fragrance::Fragrance ; the celestial cow
Boy Lord Vishnu, The Lord of the Suras or devas. it can also mean the greatest of those who bestow good
Boy Brave
Girl Tender
Girl Loving
Girl Faith, A wife of Shiva
Boy Loved by Vishnu
Boy, Girl Sri
Boy Lover of wealth, Fortune, Respect, Esteem, Wisdom, Light
Boy Lord Venkateshwara, Residence of Goddess of wealth, Abode of wealth
Boy, Girl Lord Rama, Pleasing, Rejoicing, Charming and beautiful
Girl Steadfastness
Girl A wife of Arjuna
Girl A fortunate person
Boy Shining, Soft spoken, Brilliant
Boy Attentive, Alert, Intelligent, Sharp
Boy, Girl Glowing::Meaning of the name Suchi
Girl Apsara
Girl Pure jewel
Boy Eternal
Girl Sweet smile
Boy Person with a sound mind, Sensible, Intelligent, Informed, Pure, Focussed, Another name for Brahma
Girl Beautiful
Girl Beautiful picture
Boy Meek, Friend of Lord Krishna, Another name of Kuchela
Boy Lord Perumal, Good looking, Lion, A weapon of Lord Vishnu
Boy Bright, Very bright, Happiness
Boy, Girl Good country
Boy Name of Lord Shiva, Good Deva
Girl Wife of Krishna
Boy, Girl Nectar
Boy Mine of nectar, Moon
Boy Symbol of smile, Resolute, Brave, Bright, Determined, Thoughtful, Wise
Boy Brilliance, Lord of excellent intellect
Girl Beautiful
Boy Man with a beautiful neck, Sachiva minister of Sugreeva, Weapon, Hero, Swan, One with graceful neck (King of monkey tribe and King of Kiskindha)
Girl Pleasant::Meaning of the name Suhani
Boy Beautiful Smile
Boy Belonging to a good clan, Good birth, Well-born, Handsome
Girl Of good caste
Boy Universal being
Boy Auspicious victory, Victorious
Boy Reciter of 1000 samhitas
Girl Woman
Boy With beautiful hair, Lord of happiness
Girl One who has lovely hair::One with beautiful hair
Boy God of happiness
Girl Good conduct::Meaning of the name Sukriti
Girl Fortune
Girl Fortune
Girl Fine
Boy Handsome, Very tender, Very delicate
Boy Graceful
Girl Playful one
Girl Flower-like
Girl Good natured
Boy Atharva Veda was assigned to him
Boy, Girl Good minded
Boy A good friend, Well measured, One who has a beautiful body, Shapely
Boy Lord Shiva, A handsome face, Lovely, Pleasing, Epithet of Shiva & Ganesh, A learned Man or teacher, Epithet of Vishnu
Boy Beautiful, Handsome
Boy Beautiful
Boy Sundaran
Girl Friendly
Boy Dark blue, Sapphire, Blue stone
Girl A daughter of Dharma
Girl A daughter of Dharma
Girl Leafy
Girl Radiant
Boy Ever cheerful and beaming
Boy, Girl Beloved
Boy, Girl Wish-yielding cow, Fragrance
Girl Name of an apsara
Girl Name of an apsara
Girl Sun
Girl A beautiful Yaksa
Boy The Sun
Boy Lord of the gods
Girl Auspicious Apsara
Girl One with good taste
Girl Beautiful
Boy, Girl, Unisex The Sun, One of the original vedic triad with Agni and Indra
Boy Loved by the Sun, A jewel
Girl of good character
Girl Peace
Girl Good conduct
Girl Smiling
Girl Smiling
Girl Wife of Krishna, clever in amorous sciences
Boy, Girl Smiling
Girl, Unisex Holy star
Boy One who becomes Happy easily
Girl Name of an apsara
Girl Calm
Boy Strict in religious vows (Subrata)
Boy Illustrious
Girl Victory::Good achievent
Girl Happy
Boy Dependent on the self, Independent and free
Boy Welcome
Girl Bright
Boy, Girl Seen in a dream, Dreamy
Girl Golden disc
Girl Golden glow
Girl Golden brightness
Girl Goddess Lakshmi
Girl Truth
Boy Independent and free, Azad
Boy, Girl A nakshatra
Girl Name of an apsara
Boy Self-manifested, Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu
Girl self illuminating
Boy, Girl Fair complexioned
Boy A jewel of Lord Vishnu
Boy, Girl Washtub (Zuni)
Boy, Girl Variant of TAWNY.
Boy King bharats son, Eyes like a Pigeon, Chopping, To make from wood (A son of bharata)
Boy, Girl Means "wish, desire" in Hindi, ultimately from Persian (tamanna).
Girl daughter
Girl daughter
Girl daughter
Boy, Girl, Unisex Body, Slender, Minute, Delicate, Thin
Girl Beautiful
Boy, Girl Means "slender woman" in Sanskrit.
Boy Heat, Penance, Fervour, Fire, Worth, Austerity, Meditation worth, Bird, The Sun the Moon, Another name for Agni
Boy, Girl Name of a river
Girl Name of a river
Boy Star, Pupil of eye, Protector
Boy, Girl Raft, Heaven, Thunder, Earth, Another name for Vishnu, Rose another name for Vishnu
Boy Wave
Girl River
Girl A creeper
Boy Connection, Young, Youth, Ageless, Gentle
Boy Holy place, Sacred water, Place of pilgrimage
Boy Light, Lustrous, Power, Brilliance, Glory, Security
Girl Short form of DOROTEJA.
Girl, Unisex Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant
Boy Sharpness, Brightness, Tip of the flame, Light, Brilliance, Gold, Power, Might honour, Fire, Spirit brilliance
Girl Radiant
Girl daughter
Boy Leader, God
Boy One who has won the Lord masters Love
Boy Price, Worth
Girl Ambition
Boy Name of a God
Boy Lord Shiva
Boy Lord Shiva, Kind
Girl Holy fire
Girl Radiance
Boy The Moon
Girl Moon
Boy Spot of vermillion, Sandal wood paste on forehead, Auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead, A flowering tree
Girl Necklace
Girl Auspicious symbol
Girl Music
Girl Celestial maiden
Girl Instrument::Meaning of the name Timila::A musical
Boy Large fish
Boy Darkness
Boy, Girl River
Girl The day
Girl Owl poking the hatching egg (Miwok)
Boy tiger
Boy, Girl tiger
Boy Lord Shiva
Boy, Girl Holy place, Sacred water, Place of pilgrimage
Boy A Jain saint, Lord Vishnu
Boy Lord Krishna
Boy Abode of Lord venkateswara or holy place
Boy Lord Venkateshwar
Boy Holy star
Boy Lord Vishnu
Boy Seven hills
Boy One of the horses of the sun's chariot
Girl A tributary of Ganga river
Girl Auspicious
Boy Lord Shiva, Auspicious form (Tisya - auspicious + Ketu - form
Girl Date
Girl Forgiveness
Boy A bird
Girl Folk heroine
Boy Satisfaction
Girl Contented
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Happy
Boy Lord of water
Boy Lord Shiva, Name of Shiva uttering three Vedas, Name of one of the 11 Rudra, Name of a mountain
Girl Intellect
Boy Having three eyes
Girl River Ganga
Boy Heaven
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Lord Buddha, Omniscient, Seer, Deity, Name of a Buddha
Boy Lord Shiva
Boy One with three eyes, Lord Shiva
Boy, Girl Lord Shiva, The one with three eyes
Boy The three worlds heaven, Earth, Hell
Boy Lord Shiva, Lord of the three worlds
Boy Lord Shiva, The Lord having three eyes
Boy Lord Shiva, Three-eyed
Girl Three Eyed, Goddess Durga
Boy Three-eyed Shiva
Girl Three-lined poem
Boy, Girl Thirst
Girl A moment in time
Girl Confluence of three rivers::Confluence of three rivers - the ganga, yamuna and saraswati
Boy Lord Vishnu, One whose three strides covered the whole world
Boy Conqueor of the three worlds
Girl Night::Night
Girl Satiatedness
Girl Thirst
Girl Chirping of a bird
Boy Snow
Girl Tuhina
Boy White as snow
Boy Young boy
Boy Poet, saint
Girl A sacred plant, Basil
Boy Servant of Tulasi, Basil plant
Girl Paintbrush
Boy Son of Tulsi
Boy Lord Vishnu
Girl Tulya
Boy A flute
Boy Lord Shiva, Mouth, Face, The point of An instrument, A name of Shiva
Girl River of Karnataka
Boy Lord of the mountains
Boy High, Lofty
Boy The Moon
Boy Lord of the mountains
Boy Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
Boy A thought, Agile, Mind
Girl, Unisex Swift, Quick
Boy (A son of yayaati)
Girl Superior
Girl, Unisex Spiritual power, Musical instrument, One fourth
Boy Ice, Snow, Fine drops of water, Cold
Boy Ice, Snow, Fine drops of water, Cold
Girl Particle of snow
Boy Lord Shiva, Beloved of the snow mountains, Epithet of Shiva
Boy White as snow
Boy Lord Indra
Boy Lord Indra
Girl Brilliant
Girl Desire
Boy A famous poet
Boy Chief
Girl Growth
Girl Perception
Boy Lord Vishnu, Superior God, An epithet of Vishnu or Krishna
Boy Correct
Girl Proper, delightful
Boy Kind, polite
Girl Sea or ocean
Boy Rising lion
Girl Water
Boy Action
Boy Correct message
Girl Satisfaction
Boy Generous
Boy Lord Vishnu, Rising, An epithet of Vishnu
Boy Lord Shiva, Shining or blazing upwards, Luminous, A name of Shiva, A name of Kandarp, A name of fire
Boy Brimming
Girl Goddess Lakshmi
Boy To rise, Blue lotus
Girl Dawn
Boy Sunrise mountain
Girl Light of the new moon
Boy Rising, Name of king of Avanti
Girl Red colour of the morning sky
Boy Light of the rising sun
Boy Strong
Boy Excellent
Boy Origin
Boy Little knowledge
Girl Awakened
Boy Goal
Boy Liberation
Boy Friend of Lord krishnas
Boy, Girl Rays of rising The Sun
Boy Lord Vishnu, The Lord who is greater than all beings

Check Out Top Indian Names in this article

Ideal, The Sun, Principle, Belief, Excellence. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Command, Message, counsel. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Son of Aditi, The Sun. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Karna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Beloved. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Hope, Desire. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Attraction, Charm. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Silhouette. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Lord of the Sky. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Intelligent. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Musical prelude, Conversation. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Grace of God. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Pleasure, Serenity, Fragrance. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Permanent happiness. Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian.
Nightingale, The Bulbul bird. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Lord Hanuman, Son of Anjana (Son of Anjani). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Reliable, Trustworthy, Successful, Logical. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
From the name of a Hindu ritual in which offerings of lamps or candles are made to various gods, derived from Sanskrit (aratrika). Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian.
Wish, Hope, Love. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Indian, Muslim.
Who has faith in God, Believing in existence and God. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Name of Lord Ganesh, Fire, Sacred, Purifying, Brilliance. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian, Muslim.
God of the soul. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Son, Born of the soul. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
God of the soul. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Peaceful, Handsom, Vital, Father of Many. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: American, Hebrew, Indian.
Means "splendour, light" in Sanskrit. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Indian, Sanskrit.
Fearless. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Fearless. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Indian.
Fearless, Beloved. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Radiant. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Expression, Word, Name. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Noble, Wise, Faultless, Transparent. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit.
Desire, Affection. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Feminine form of ABHILASH. Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian, Sanskrit.
Gladdening. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Self-respect, Passionate, Heroic, Arjunas son, Proud (Son of Arjuna and Subhadra, nephew to Krishna. He was slain in the battle of Kurukshetra when ju. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Innovative, Young, Modern, Fresh, Novel, A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment, New. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Perfect, Acted. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Great king. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Handsome, Pleasant, Pleasing. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Ritual, Purification, Shower of milk, Water over An idol, Anoint, Bathing to God. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit.
Passionate, Loving. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Radiant, Another name of the Sun, Mane of Lord Sun. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Surrounded by heroes, A commander. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Cloud. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Victorious, Conquering water. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Steady, Mountain. Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian.

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