Indian Names: Most Popular Indian Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meaning And Origin

Indian Names: Get the best Indian Baby Names for your babies and name your babies meaningfully in a traditional manner, check out the list of Indian Names with meaning and origin for your kids, Naming the babies is the most significant task for the parents, give an in depth glance at the list of Indian Names with meaning, and name your babies without complexity.

Top Indian Names with Gender and Meaning - Unique Indian Names

Name Gender Meaning
Boy, Girl Means "fairy" in Persian.
Boy Loud sound
Boy Against desire
Boy Name of An ancient king, Tested one or proven (Posthumous son of Abhimanyu, heir of the Pandavas. Pariksit means 'the examiner', as the brahmins said
Boy Lion
Boy Delight, Satisfaction or Contentment
Girl Excellent
Boy Happiness
Girl Wisdom::Meaning of the name Parmita
Girl Bird
Girl A small leaf, Parvati
Girl Auspicious Apsara
Boy, Girl King, Arjun
Boy King, Arjun
Boy Charioteer of Partha Lord Krishna, Arjunas charioteer Krishna
Boy, Girl Full moon
Boy, Girl Means "of the mountains" in Sanskrit. Parvati is a Hindu goddess of love and power, the wife of Shiva and the mother of Ganesha.
Boy, Girl Hindi form of PARVIN, also used as a masculine name.
Girl Fond of all beings
Boy The Sun, Bird
Boy Tempest
Boy A traveler
Boy Breeze, Wind, Air
Boy, Girl Holy, Sacred
Boy, Girl Honey, Lord Hanuman, True, Holy
Girl Cloud
Girl Anklet
Girl Lotus
Girl River
Boy First born
Boy Lord venkateswara
Boy Heaven, The Sky, Shield
Boy Name of a month in Spring season, February-march in the Hindu calendar
Boy Lord of serpents
Girl Flower
Boy Bow of Lord Shiva
Boy, Girl Variation of the name Pinkie, meaning 'Of goof health', also refers to 'one's little finger'.
Boy, Girl Tree
Boy Milk, Nectar
Girl Prayer
Girl Full moon
Girl Full moon
Girl A classical melody
Girl Light, Glow, Shine
Boy The Sun, The Moon, Creating light
Boy Dawn, Morning, Brilliant
Girl Morning
Boy An excellent warrior, King, Chief, Brave
Boy Sound advice, Awareness, Consciousness
Boy Knowledge
Girl Morning
Boy Light, Shine, Lamp, Brilliant
Girl Glowing
Boy Lord of wisdom
Boy, Unisex Pleasant, Cheerful
Girl Progress
Girl Wisdom
Boy Excess of Joy, Happiness
Boy Victorious, Conquering, Defeating
Boy Light, Bright, Brilliance, Success, Fame, Appearance
Girl Knowing truth
Girl Woman
Boy Horse, Wise, Prudent
Boy Master of accurate knowledge
Boy Consciousness, Moderate, Sensible
Boy Delight, Lord of all abodes, Pleasure
Boy A scholar
Girl Prayer
Boy Lord Vishnu, The sacred syllable Om, Kind of musical instrument, An epithet of Vishnu, Son of nighna, Grandson of ananutra and brother of shatrajit, V
Boy Romance, Leader, Love
Boy Humble boy, Modest, Leader
Girl Gain
Boy Offering to God during Pooja, Devotional offering, Purity
Boy Cheerful, Pleased, Happy, Pleasant
Boy (Father of draupad)
Boy Calm and composed, Peace
Girl Peace
Boy Flower, Blossom
Boy Cheerful
Boy Dignity, Majesty
Boy Symbol, First word in a sentence
Girl Talent
Girl Pledge, Vow
Girl Icon, Idol, Statue
Boy Extreme delight
Boy Chief
Boy Expert, Skilled
Boy Confluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati
Girl Love
Boy God of Love, Lord of the world
Boy Love
Girl Love
Boy Full of Love
Boy Joy of Love
Girl Inspiration
Girl Beloved
Girl Dear one
Boy Lover
Boy God gift, Broad, Spacious
Boy King of the earth
Girl Satisfaction, Renowned wife of Pulastya/Sukha
Girl Beloved
Boy Son of satarupa
Girl Beloved
Girl Delightful to look at
Girl Beloved
Girl Beloved
Girl Beloved
Boy Beloved
Girl Beloved
Boy White lotus
Girl Pure, Holy
Girl A doll
Girl Full moon
Boy Conqueror of city
Boy Friend of city
Boy Lord Vishnu, Best among men
Girl East
Girl Elder sister
Boy One who gives nourishment, Blue lotus, Fountain, Like a lotus
Girl Nourishment, A form of the Devi, Wife of Ganapati
Girl Means "creation, preparation" in Sanskrit.
Girl creation
Girl Variant transcription of RACHANA.
Girl Means "success" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the favourite consort of the Hindu god Krishna.
Girl Variant of RADHA.
Boy, Girl Elevation
Girl Garland of melodies
Girl Melody
Boy Lord Rama, Brave descendent of Raghu
Boy Lord Rama
Boy Lord Rama, Brave descendent of Raghu
Boy Secret
Girl Saraswati::Meaning of the name Rahini
Boy Son of Buddha, Conqueror of all miseries, Competent, Efficient (Son of Lord Buddha)
Boy Lord Shiva
Girl Pleasing::Meaning of the name Raima::Pleasing; rama of the axe
Boy A Manu
Boy, Girl King
Girl King's daughter
Girl Krishna's aunt
Girl Beloved princess
Girl Beloved princess
Boy, Girl King, Royal
Boy, Girl, Unisex Night
Girl Night blossoming scented flower
Boy Lord of night, Moon
Girl King's pride, ornament
Girl Worthy of a King, Goddess Durga
Boy Silver or courage
Girl Silver
Boy Very rich, Lord Vishnu
Boy, Unisex Best of kings
Boy Decorated, An object that gives light, And never stops doing so
Boy Achiever, Blue lotus
Boy Lotus eyed
Boy Lord of kings, Emperor
Boy King
Boy God of kings
Girl Queen, Goddess Parvati
Girl Charmed
Boy Achiever, Blue lotus
Boy Lotus
Boy Prince
Girl Means "princess" in Sanskrit.
Girl princess
Boy Variant transcription of RAJNISH.
Girl Means "queen" in Sanskrit.
Boy Moon
Boy Ruler (Raj) of the night (Neesh), God of night (Moon)
Boy, Girl Prosperity
Girl, Unisex Brilliant
Boy, Girl Propriety of a king
Girl A princess
Boy Lord of the night
Boy, Girl From a word for a type of ritual wristband, ultimately from Sanskrit (raksha).
Boy Protector
Boy Red lotus
Girl Consort of Lord Vittal
Boy, Girl Lakshmi
Girl, Unisex Pleaser of the Lord
Boy Ambassador of Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman
Boy Combination of both Ram and Lord Krishna
Boy, Unisex loved' href='Girl-Names-for-Meaning-Beloved.aspx'>Beloved, Pleasing, Attractive, Enchanting, Another name for the love
Girl Lovely
Girl Beautiful girl
Boy Born after Lord Rama i.e. Lakshman (Younger brother of Rama)
Girl Name of an apsara
Boy Devotee a servant of Lord Rama
Boy, Girl Lord Vishnu, Preserver or the one who saves from danger
Boy Lord Shiva, Consort of Rama
Girl Parvati
Girl Pleasing
Boy Lord Rama, Another name for Lord Ram ji denoting respect
Boy, Girl, Unisex Beautiful, Delightful, Captivating, Lovely, Night
Boy Lord of battles
Girl Goddess Durga
Boy Victorious
Boy Victorious
Boy King, Ruler, Warrior
Boy Light, Bright, Brave
Girl Consort of Krishna
Boy Pleasing, Love, Cheerful
Boy, Girl Happy::To be coloured, dyed or painted
Boy Lord Vishnu, Chief of sports, Lord of paints, Lord of Love, Vishnu on the serpent
Girl Consort of Krishna
Girl Consort of Krishna
Girl Consort of Krishna
Girl Design
Girl Lovely tune
Boy Short form of RANJIT.
Boy Pleasing, Pleasant, Fun
Girl Entertainment
Girl One who amuses
Girl One of the Vedas
Boy Victor in wars, Victorious
Boy Victor in wars, Victorious
Girl Amusing, decorated
Boy Victorious
Boy Devotee of Narayana
Boy Hero of the battle, Winner
Girl Radha
Girl Beautiful
Girl Means "young gazelle" in Arabic.
Girl creation
Girl creation
Boy, Girl Means "ray of sunlight" or "rope" in Sanskrit.
Girl Ray of light::Meaning of the name Rashmika::Sweet.
Boy King of liquids
Boy, Girl Precious stone, Gold, Best, Gift, Jewel, Riches
Girl Red sandal wood
Boy God of Ratee
Boy, Girl Means "rest, pleasure" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the wife of the Hindu god of love Kama.
Girl Giving pleasure
Girl Name of a lady
Boy Kamdev or cupid, The God of Love Kaama
Girl, Unisex Pearl, Precious stone or gem, Jewel, Best, Gift, Riches
Girl The heroine of sanskrit sahitya (literature)::String of pearls
Girl Gem
Girl Light from a jewel
Boy Mine of jewels, Sea
Girl Beauty of jewels
Boy Jewel
Girl Jewelled necklace
Girl Whole body adorned with jewels
Girl Earth, light from jewel
Girl One who likes jewels
Girl Name of a princess
Girl A bunch of gems
Girl One laden with gems
Girl Gem
Boy God of jewels Kuber
Boy, Girl Night
Girl Goddess Parvati
Girl Sunny::Meaning of the name Raveena
Boy Shiva, Vishnu
Boy The Sun and the Moon
Boy Sunray
Boy Karna
Boy The God of The Sun or knowledge
Boy The Sun Lord
Boy Lord Vishnu, Lord of Sun, Sun and Indra conjoined, Name of Sun
Boy Kamdev cupid
Boy The Sun
Boy The Sun, Fire
Boy (A son of Surya)
Girl Spring praises
Boy, Girl Queen
Girl The name of a raga
Girl Merciful one::Meaning of the name Rehana
Boy, Girl King
Boy, Girl Straight line
Girl Line drawing
Boy Wise power
Girl Song
Boy Lord of Love
Girl Molecule, earth::Molecule, particle, earth
Girl Nakul's wife
Girl Silk::Meaning of the name Resham
Girl Silky
Girl Silken
Boy Son of Lord surya(the Sun), Horse rider (Son of Sun God)
Boy Son of Lord surya(the Sun), Horse rider
Boy Balrama
Girl Wife of Balaram
Boy, Girl Siddhi will follow
Girl Queen
Boy, Girl spotless
Girl Innocence::Innocence
Boy Killer of enemies
Girl Bronze
Girl Saintly::Meaning of the name Risha
Boy, Girl Morality, Superior, Excellent, A musical note, Bull
Boy Morality, Superior, Excellent, A musical note, Bull
Boy, Girl Pleasure, Sage, Ray of light, Wise, Pious, Light
Boy One who controls senses, Lord Vishnu
Girl Moonbeam
Boy The best, Learned
Girl The best
Boy Lord Indra
Girl Memory
Girl Goddess of truth::Meaning of the name Ritisha
Girl A creation of the Sun God
Girl Traditional
Girl Season::Meaning of the name Ritu
Girl Leafy season
Boy King of seasons, Spring, Lord of all seasons
Boy Priest, Timely
Boy Tasty, Illuminating, Pleasant
Boy, Girl, Unisex Red lotus, Bright, Goddess Parvati, Light, Brilliant, Attractive, Blossom
Girl Splendid::Meaning of the name Rochana
Girl Light::Meaning of the name Rochi
Boy Light
Girl Splendid
Boy Rising, Ascending
Girl Sandal wood
Boy Lord Krishna, Rohan - name of a mountain, Adams peak in ceylon, Ascending, Climbing, Name of Vishnu, Lal - derived from laalana, Red, Son, Beloved, Fa
Boy, Girl Rising::Meaning of the name Rohin
Boy, Girl Star
Boy The enchanted Lord
Boy The Moon
Boy, Girl Red, The Sun, Jewellery, A rainbow, Blood
Girl Brahma's daughter
Boy One with a red horse, fire
Boy The Sun
Boy, Girl Lakshmi
Boy, Girl Heartfelt::Heartfelt
Boy Interesting, Pleasant
Boy Lion of the battlefield
Girl, Unisex Beautiful::Meaning of the name Roop
Girl Roopa
Boy DLord Ramatic composition, Sign, Feature
Girl Pretty
Girl Beautiful
Boy, Girl, Unisex Illumination, Bright, Brilliant, Celebrated
Girl Bright::Meaning of the name Roshna
Boy, Girl Unknown
Girl Vedic lyrics::Meaning of the name Rucha
Girl Taste
Girl charming
Boy Beautiful, Pleasant, Brilliant, Handsome
Girl Tasty
Girl Beauty
Girl One who endows prosperity, Laxmi
Girl Goddess Durga
Girl A wife of Shiva
Girl Soft
Boy Kind hearted, Spiritual
Boy Ascending
Boy, Girl Spiritual::Meaning of the name Ruhin
Boy Simple, Honest
Girl Who endows wealth, Lakshmi, Soft
Girl Honesty, Sincerity
Boy Gold
Girl Golden
Boy Lord Krishna, Consort of Rukmini
Girl Wife of Krishna
Girl Vedic hymn::Queen of the apes.
Boy, Girl Beautiful
Boy DLord Ramatic composition, Sign, Feature
Girl beauty
Girl Beautiful, Attractive
Boy Beautiful
Girl A musical raagini
Girl Beautiful lady
Boy Lord of the form
Boy Looks like Ishwar, The supreme God of Hindu, Lord of beauty
Boy Lord of the form
Girl Goddess of beauty
Girl Beauty
Girl Gold coin::Meaning of the name Rupika
Boy Embodied beauty
Boy A musical note, Superior, Morality, Bull, Excellent
Boy, Girl, Unisex Peaceful, Calm
Girl Good news::Meaning of the name Rushda
Boy Son of saint, Lord of the earth
Girl Name of a river
Boy, Girl Charming, Polite, Aimable
Boy, Girl Large, Very tall, Originating from steel, Strong, Well-built large (, Son of sohrab)
Boy Conqueror of truth
Boy Kind of seasons
Girl Season
Boy Conqueror of seasons
Girl Dove
Boy Wakeful, Magician, Alert, Nocturnal
Boy God's manifestation
Boy Resembling a small song bird, Melodious, Stream, Precious
Boy a type of thrush
Boy Virtuous, Lord Krishna, Worthy, Important, Pure, Good
Boy Refined
Boy Evergreen
Boy Lord Brahma, Truth
Boy Rational
Boy, Girl Lord Indra, Pure existence, Affectionate, Epithet of Shiva
Boy Thoughtful
Boy Lord Indra
Boy Joyful or consciousness
Boy Friend
Boy Ever joyous
Boy, Girl Long practice/study, Fulfilment
Boy Good conduct
Girl Modest
Boy Succeed
Girl Ocean, Sea
Girl Daughter of the sea
Girl Of the ocean
Girl Virtuous
Boy Youngest of the panchpandava
Boy above::Falcon.
Boy, Girl Patience
Boy Valour, Bravery, Happy, Laughing
Boy Stong, Powerful
Boy Endowed with strength
Girl Friend
Boy Falcon
Boy, Girl Master, Gentleman, Companion
Girl A lady
Boy, Girl Sea shore, Guide, Shore, Bank
Girl Guide
Boy Lord of the mountain
Boy Clouds, Moist, Tearful, Containing water
Boy Beloved, Good Man, Noble, Respectable, Guard, From a good family
Girl Decorated
Boy Lively, Alive
Girl Beloved
Boy, Girl Finnish form of ZECHARIAH.
Boy Lord Krishna, Having the same intention
Boy, Girl Friend
Boy, Girl Means "calmness, peace" in Arabic.
Boy, Girl Means "witness" in Sanskrit.
Boy, Girl Energy, Goodness
Boy Water which flows from melted ice from mountain, Water born
Girl By the salt water
Boy, Girl Perhaps an invented name based on similar-sounding names such as SELINA.
Boy, Girl Water
Boy, Girl Perhaps an invented name based on similar-sounding names such as SELINA.
Boy Friendship
Girl Dear, Beautiful
Girl Bouquet
Girl Name of a river
Boy Lord Vishnu, War God
Boy Winner of the battle, Victorious in war or Lord Vishnu, One who has conquered lust
Girl Equality
Boy, Girl Analysis
Girl Union
Boy, Girl Early morning fragrance, Entertaining companion, Wind, Breeze, Air, Creator, Another name for Shiva, Era
Girl Attachment
Boy Emperor, Universal, Ruler
Girl Prosperity::Meaning of the name Samriddhi
Boy Good ethics, moral values
Boy Ethics
Boy Sea, Ocean
Girl Kindness
Girl Goddess Durga::Meaning of the name Samyukta:: 
Boy, Girl Variant transcription of SANAA (1).
Boy Sacred fire:: 
Boy Lord Brahma, Eternal, Accompanied by a protector, Immortal, Another name of Brahma
Girl Movement
Boy, Girl Collection, Riches, Mass
Boy, Girl, Unisex A lighted lamp, Brilliant, Ablaze
Girl Collection
Boy, Girl Means "twilight" in Sanskrit. This is the name of the daughter of the Hindu god Brahma.
Boy A lighted lamp, Brilliant, Ablaze
Boy, Girl Sunset time, Name of a God
Girl Music::Meaning of the name Sangeeta
Boy, Girl Music
Boy, Girl Means "uniting, joining" in Sanskrit.
Boy, Girl Victorious, Dhritarashtras charioteer
Boy Who is always victorious, Winner from 4 directions, Perfectly victorious
Boy Giving life, Re animating, Love
Boy Who is always victorious, Winner from 4 directions, Perfectly victorious
Girl Triumphant::Meaning of the name Sanjita
Boy Giving life, Re animating, Love
Girl Wife of the Sun
Boy Coincidence
Girl Beautiful
Girl Beautiful
Boy Lord Shiva, Causing happiness, Conferring good fortune, Auspicious, An epithet of Shiva, Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy shankarach
Boy Fortunate, Creator, Lord Shiva
Girl Praised
Boy Good ethics and moral values, Culture, Consecration, Purity, Purification
Girl Name of an apsara
Girl King Prithviraj's wife
Boy, Girl Union
Boy Dream (Swapna)
Girl Worship::Meaning of the name Saparya
Girl Successful
Boy, Girl Dream
Boy 7 stars representing 7 great saints
Boy Very easy, Honest, Simple
Girl Feminine form of SARAL.
Girl Simplicity
Boy, Girl A musical instrument, Distinguished, Brilliance, Light, Jewel, Gold light, The earth, A musical Raag another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva
Girl Creator of music
Boy Learned
Boy, Girl A goddess of learning
Boy Autumn, Super boy, Complete or meaningful
Girl River
Boy a type of thrush
Boy a type of thrush

Check Out Top Indian Names in this article

Ideal, The Sun, Principle, Belief, Excellence. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Command, Message, counsel. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Son of Aditi, The Sun. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Karna, The great warrior, One who is born from fire (Son of the fire). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Delight, Joy, Happy, Happiness. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Beloved. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Hope, Desire. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Attraction, Charm. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Silhouette. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Lord of the Sky. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Intelligent. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Musical prelude, Conversation. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Grace of God. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Pleasure, Serenity, Fragrance. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Permanent happiness. Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian.
Nightingale, The Bulbul bird. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Lord Hanuman, Son of Anjana (Son of Anjani). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Reliable, Trustworthy, Successful, Logical. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
From the name of a Hindu ritual in which offerings of lamps or candles are made to various gods, derived from Sanskrit (aratrika). Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian.
Wish, Hope, Love. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Indian, Muslim.
Who has faith in God, Believing in existence and God. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Name of Lord Ganesh, Fire, Sacred, Purifying, Brilliance. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian, Muslim.
God of the soul. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Son, Born of the soul. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
God of the soul. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Peaceful, Handsom, Vital, Father of Many. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: American, Hebrew, Indian.
Means "splendour, light" in Sanskrit. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Indian, Sanskrit.
Fearless. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Fearless. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Indian.
Fearless, Beloved. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Radiant. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Expression, Word, Name. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Noble, Wise, Faultless, Transparent. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Lord Krishna, One who is victorious (Abhijeet). Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit.
Desire, Affection. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Feminine form of ABHILASH. Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian, Sanskrit.
Gladdening. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Self-respect, Passionate, Heroic, Arjunas son, Proud (Son of Arjuna and Subhadra, nephew to Krishna. He was slain in the battle of Kurukshetra when ju. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Innovative, Young, Modern, Fresh, Novel, A sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment, New. Gender: Boy, Girl, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Perfect, Acted. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Great king. Gender: Boy, Origin: Indian.
Handsome, Pleasant, Pleasing. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Ritual, Purification, Shower of milk, Water over An idol, Anoint, Bathing to God. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian, Sanskrit.
Passionate, Loving. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Radiant, Another name of the Sun, Mane of Lord Sun. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Surrounded by heroes, A commander. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Cloud. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Victorious, Conquering water. Gender: Boy, Origin: Hindu, Indian.
Steady, Mountain. Gender: Girl, Origin: Indian.

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