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Does David Baby Name seem like an intriguing name for your baby? Learn David Name Meaning in English, its origin and which gender David Baby Name is most suitable for. Check through our list of names that are related to the name David, names similar to David and sibling names of David. Also, read through a detailed numerology report for the name David.
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English, Hebrew
Prince, Dearly loved
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Alex, Alexander, David, Dvid, Daivd, Sandro, Davd::See All Relations · Show Family TreeRelated Names
Similar David Baby Names
Dawud, Dave, Dai::David
Sibling Names
Emma, Ella, Olivia, Isabella, Sophia, Mia, Lily, Alyssa, Hannah, Emily, Grace, Amelia, Noah, Ethan, Aiden, Jack, Jacob, Andrew, Owen, Caleb, Liam, Ryan, Luke, Aidan::Henry, Simon, Richard, Rebekah, John, Caroline, Jessica, Steven, Kallie, Benjamin, Barry, Alison, Brenda, Sarah, Elizabeth, Sian, Kevin, Rebecca, Linzi, Penny::Denzel, Dennis, Louise, David
Middle Names
Anthony, Karl, Caleb, Duncan, Jacob, Josh, John, Benjamin, Luke, Mackenzie, Flynn, Lewis, Jude, Jack, Owen, Samuel, Andrew, Brandon, Jamie, Jonathan::Alexander, Lee, James, Joseph, Anthony, Michael, William, John, Jose, Edward
David originates in Hebrew and means "adored". It has been one of the most popular masculine given names over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world. It functions as a surname as well. Throughout history it was popular with royalty. The most famous bearer is David, the second king of the United Kingdom of Israel and Jesus Christ's ancestor. ::David held the top spot in the country for just one year, 1960, but has remained a steady and constant presence in the top 20 for decades. It is both a biblical name and a royal name, thanks to King David, who as a boy defeated the giant Goliath with his slingshot. The young shepherd also happened to be a poet, a musician who played the lyre, a soldier, a statesman and a prophet. David is a name that belongs to no single country or religion. Two medieval kings of Scotland and the patron saint of Wales also bear the name.
Famous Persons
David Arquette - actorDavid Bauer - hockey playerDavid Carr - football playerDavid Carradine - actorDavid Duchovny - actorDavid Geffen - actorDavid Hasselhoff - actorDavid Lee Roth - musicianDavid Letterman - talk show hostDavid Wright - baseball playerDavid Beckham - soccer playerDavid Cameron - UK Prime MinisterDavid Bowie - singer
22:: Numerology SoulUrge Number: 1 People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details. Expression Number: 22 People with this name tend to be a powerful force to all whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid. Rate this name: Max 5 stars0My Rating This name has 0 vote.