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Does Caleb Baby Name seem like an intriguing name for your baby? Learn Caleb Name Meaning in English, its origin and which gender Caleb Baby Name is most suitable for. Check through our list of names that are related to the name Caleb, names similar to Caleb and sibling names of Caleb. Also, read through a detailed numerology report for the name Caleb.
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Boy, Girl
English, Hebrew
From the Hebrew 'kelev' meaning 'dog'. The name was given to one of Moses' devoted companions on the journey to the promised land, therefore it is ass
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Ezra, Chloe, Cassidy, Ava, Ryan, Emma, Riley, Alexis, Hunter, Emery, Cailyn, Mackenzie::See All Relations · Show Family TreeRelated Names::Able, Adalee, Adler, Adley, Ailen, Ailey, Alea, Alec, Alek, Alex
Similar Caleb Baby Names
Kale::Calliope, Ceolwulf, Cleva, Cleve, Cliff, Clive, Clyve, Colbey, Colby
Sibling Names
Joshua, Jacob, Noah, Ethan, Elijah, Isaac, Micah, Gabriel, Nathan, Luke, Levi, Cameron, Hannah, Abigail, Emma, Chloe, Sarah, Grace, Emily, Madison, Anna, Olivia, Ava, Isabella::Seth, Ellie, Finley, Daniel, Nathanael, Joshua, Matthew, Mia, Amelie, Faith, Leonie, Summer, Kiya, Reuben, Isaiah, Jackson, Myla, Sameera, Jesse, Camille::Sawyer, Mikaela, Amy, Lily, Ruben, Cash, Reuben, Oliver, Esmèe, Jackson
Middle Names
Gabriel, Aidan, Noah, Sebastian, Cayden, Joshua, Jonah, Caleb::Michael, James, John, Matthew, Alexander, Andrew, Thomas, Lee, Christopher, Daniel
Caleb is a biblical name of Hebrew origin. He is one of the people chosen by God to lead the people into the land of Canaan with Moses. The name Caleb is from the Hebrew word 'Kaleb' which literally translates to 'dog'. It means being loyal to God like a dog is loyal to its master. However, the most apt meaning of the name 'Caleb' is 'to be faithful'.::Caleb is a biblical name and a vintage name that has been in the top 50 since 1996. In the Old Testament, Caleb is among the followers who leave Egypt with Moses. Along with Joshua, he is rewarded for his devotion and lives long enough to see the Promised Land. Like the name Calvin, Caleb shares the appealing nickname Cal. Another nickname, Cale, is sometimes used on its own. Kaleb is an alternative spelling. Julianne Moore, Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, Jonathan Jackson and Bo Bice are among the celebrity parents with sons named Caleb.
Famous Persons
Caleb Campbell - football playerCaleb Carr - authorCaleb Miller - football playerCaleb Ross - actorCaleb Spencer - football player
The name Caleb has a numerology value of 5 In numerological terms, this means the following ActionThe process or state of acting or of being active: The machine is not in action now.Something done or performed; act; deed.An act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.RestlessnessCharacterized by or showing inability to remain at rest.Unquiet or uneasy, as a person, the mind, or the heart.Never at rest; perpetually agitated or in motion.Without rest; without restful sleep.ExperienceThe process or fact of personally observing, encountering, or undergoing something: business experience.The observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time: to learn from experience; the range of human experience.Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.:: Numerology SoulUrge Number: 6 People with this