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Boy, Girl
English, Greek
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Related Andrew Baby Names
Avery, Ryan, Olivia, Ava, Savannah, Austin, Emma, Lauren, Kennedy, Alyssa, Amelia, Abdiel, Addie, Ade, Adeen, Adem, Aderes, Adie, Adler, Adley
Similar Andrew Baby Names
Kendrew, Jedrik, Andrusha, Andrik, Andrei, Andre, Andor, Andino, Anderson, Anders, Dru, Andy, Andres, Andreas::Amador, Andera, Andere, Andra, Andraya, Andre, Andrea, Andree, Andreea, Andrei
Sibling Names
Matthew, Jacob, Michael, Anthony, Joshua, Alexander, Ethan, Daniel, William, Christopher, Benjamin, Ryan, Abigail, Emily, Elizabeth, Emma, Sarah, Hannah, Olivia, Isabella, Anna, Grace, Ashley, Bridget, Andrew, Noah, Arthur, Evie, Ruben, Sasha, Ada, Gypsy
Middle Names
Joseph, James, Michael, John, David, Lee, Thomas, Paul, Robert, Alexander
Andrew originates in Greek language and means "virile, manly". In the New Testament, Andrew was an apostle and the first disciple of Jesus. Some sources suggest that the Greek name Andrew was actually just a nickname or a translation of the original Hebrew name of the apostle that is not known. As a masculine given name it started gaining popularity in the 1950s and currently it’s one of most popular names in the US. ::One of Jesuss 12 Apostles in the Bible, Andrew is the namesake of at least half a dozen saints. With both holy and royal origins, including multiple kings, princes, dukes and US Presidents, Andrews reign and influence make this a dominant boys' name in the English-speaking world. Andrew also comes with two clear nicknames, Andy and Drew, and kids will be grateful for the choice as they grow up.British-American actor Andrew Garfield, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and comedian Andy Samberg are just three of the worlds many famous Andrews.
Famous Persons
Andrew Jackson - former US PresidentAndrew Johnson - former US PresidentAndrew Alberts - hockey playerAndrew Blake - film directorAndrew Brown - baseball playerAndrew Coelho - tennis playerAndrew Davie - football player
The name Andrew has a numerology value of 5 In numerological terms, this means the following ActionThe process or state of acting or of being active: The machine is not in action now.Something done or performed; act; deed.An act that one consciously wills and that may be characterized by physical or mental activity.RestlessnessCharacterized by or showing inability to remain at rest.Unquiet or uneasy, as a person, the mind, or the heart.Never at rest; perpetually agitated or in motion.Without rest; without restful sleep.ExperienceThe process or fact of personally observing, encountering, or undergoing something: business experience.The observing, encountering, or undergoing of things generally as they occur in the course of time: to learn from experience; the range of human experience.Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.:: Numerology SoulUrge Number: 6 People with this